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Sons Of The Forest adds a sick new vehicle in latest patch

Plus fire-accurate clothing options and more tweaks to Kelvin

Sons of the Forest image with loads of Virginias running away from the player.
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Endnight Games

Sons Of The Forest continues its early access journey, but what was once a peaceful woodland stroll is turning into a totally rad zooming session, all thanks to the game’s third patch adding in a new vehicle, tweaks to, er, dead bodies, and much more.

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That new rideable vehicle is called the Knight V (v for five) and is essentially a one-wheeled bike. Or a one-wheeled mechanical skateboard? It also reminds me of those viral, self-balancing Segways - the ones without the handles, I mean. Watch gameplay of Knight V here, and let me know if the mysterious contraption does, in fact, have an actual name and/or a real-world counterpart. It essentially lets you skip around the whole forest, no problem. I doubt any mutant cannibals will catch up to you on the Knight V. Unless they can use it for themselves.

Other new features include handy nightvision goggles, solar panels in the construction system, and a buildable spring trap - which you can trigger while riding the Knight V, flinging yourself into the air. You can use the spring trap as an actual cannibal deterrent too, but that just seems stale in comparison.

Half the allure of patch notes comes from reading the out-of-context improvements section, which sometimes gives us gems like “dead babies now have buoyancy in water,” “can now pick up and throw puffy dead bodies,” and my favourite: “Mr. and Mrs. Puffton clothes now burn up when they are burned.” Are any of these changes practical? Is fire-accurate clothing an “improvement”? What if I do want to burn Mr. and Mrs. Puffton, but wear their clothes after? Some (burning) fuel for thought.

Everyone’s best friend Kelvin has seen tweaks in the first and second patches, and this third is no different. He can now pick up all types of arrows, drop the proper types, and you can see him carry them - as in, it’s visible now. Good job, Kelvin. You can read the full list of fixes, improvements, and new features here.

For anything else related to Sons Of The Forest, the RPS guides crew have you sorted with our interactive map. And for entertainment purposes, Rachel erected a blueberry empire, AliceB compared the game to a noughties b-movie thriller, and Ollie simply played the game and wrote a review.

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