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Sorry, Hades will no longer have cross-saves on launch

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Bad news for sexy demigods who wanted to bring their slaughter to the bus stop, I'm afraid. While Supergiant' underworld slasher Hades is still set to enter 1.0 this autumn, it'll no longer arrive with cross-play between PC and the incoming Switch release. That platform-hopping feature has been pushed back beyond Hades' release, arriving as a free update later this year.

Cross-play was confirmed back during Hades' stunning 1.0 launch trailer, letting folks bring their battered PC early access saves to Switch on release. Sadly, it seems that particular feature will lurk in the underworld a little while longer.

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"We recently announced we're working on cross-saves for Hades, which will let our early access players transfer their save data to the Nintendo Switch version of the game," Supergiant tweeted out yesterday.

"During our final preparations for launch, we encountered some setbacks in the final testing for this feature. Rather than postpone the v1.0 launch plans until the feature is complete, we're going to introduce cross-saves in an update later this year, after Hades v1.0 launches this fall. We appreciate your understanding."

A bit of a shame, that. Good as it was on release, I've been putting off Hades until it's "done", and the idea of plugging in an extra run or two in bed was selling me hard on picking up a second copy. Still, it's good to know that Hades, one of our fave action games on PC, will launch on schedule this autumn with cross-play arriving later down the road.

We do love Supergiant's thirsty underworld dungeon-crawler here at RPS, mind. We've gushed over its playful retelling of Greek mythology, how it makes frenetic hack n' slashing more accessible, and generally swooned over Zag's hushed brooding for the better part of two years. It's frankly criminal how attractive Hades' cast is, honestly.

Hades is currently available in early access over on Steam and the Epic Games Store for £19.49/€20.99/$24.99.

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