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Space farming sim Lightyear Frontier delayed an unspecified amount of time

Don't start the engines on your tractor mech just yet

Lightyear Frontier, a sort of Stardew Valley but in space, in which you bring agriculture to an alien planet with a big multipurpose mechatractor suit, has been delayed. It was supposed to come out, well, sometime around now (Spring 2023) but developers Frame Break announced the delay with a statement on Twitter - including that they "can't commit to a launch window right now".

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You can read the full statement at the tweet linked above, and if you do you'll note they don't actually say why they're delaying it, which is quite funny. We can infer that it's because they haven't finished making it, because that's the reason for basically every delay ever. "Not only do we want to design the game to be fun, but also well-balanced with each aspect of the game intertwining with one another, and we remain committed to building a thoughtfully-designed experience and continuing the conversation with our community in the process," says one very long sentence. The devs also say they'll "keep sharing what we're working on as development continues".

Lightyear Frontier was due to launch into early access, and in a way it's interesting that they didn't choose to just get the bad boy out there, because people tend to be more forgiving of the state of games in early-access. One could theorise that it still needs a lot more work under the ol' tractor hood, especially because the release window is kind of "idk", but that's me indulging in some baseless speculation.

I got a hands-off preview last year that demonstrated the different things you could do with your mech, including customising the build a little. It has guns, like most mechs, but they're nice guns that shoot seeds into the ground and so on. Lightyear Frontier is a "survival game without survival", focusing on being a nice relaxing time - so you can't actually die. In February the devs clarified some of the similarities and differences between LF and Stardew, because we were all comparing it to that, and Katharine found herself drawn to the neo-trad farming sim idea. Me too! I like a twist on the farming life sim. Let's hope Lightyear Frontier's delay isn't too indefinite.

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