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Watch 17 minutes of Space Hulk: Deathwing singleplayer


The best way to play Space Hulk: Deathwing [official site] will surely be its cooperative multiplayer mode, with you and three of your closest warpals yelling over Skype as you stomp around mowing down hordes of aliums. The FPS will also do singleplayer with AI squadmates, mind, and that's on display in a new gameplay video. It shows seventeen minutes of uncut gameplay, seventeen minutes of Terminators stomping around a space cathedral, whacking Tyranids with swords inscribed with slogans like "I am wrath. I am steel. I am the mercy of angels." No subtlety, those Space Marines.

Watch on YouTube

Sure, I'll give that a go? The video isn't oh-my-giddy-aunt super-amazing but I'm curious to poke at it myself. I like the contrast between super-huge Gothic chambers and tight, maze-like tunnels. I like how plodding and stompy the first-person view is. I like locking doors behind you. I like ordering squadmates around. I like the groaning of the ship itself. I like the psi powers. I like enemies being deadly enough to knock off the two AI buddies. I like that it doesn't have gobs of exposition thrown at you. I did laugh at how much the squadmates repeat themselves. I do like how the loose structure reminds me of developers Streum On Studio's last game, E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy, and I hope Deathwing will be similarly overambitious and weird.

Focus Home Interactive, Deathwing's publishers, say the campaign will take about 15 hours on normal difficulty. The co-op plays through variations of the same missions in any order. Co-op has different classes too, from healers to melee specialists, while in singleplayer you're always a psychic Librarian.

Space Hulk: Deathwing is coming to Steam on December 9th. It'll cost £30.

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