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Spelunky 2 daily: Fully converted to the cause of hating moles

I hate many things

I take back every good word I ever said about moles, but I'd also like to file a petition against horned lizards. Also altars. I hate so many things in this, my favourite game.

Today's apology: is simply that I keep dying on these earlier levels. I'm better than this, but Spelunky 2 is a cruel game.

Spelunky 1 is and was a cruel game too, as you'll see if you watch the video above. Since I died so early in the Spelunky 2 daily challenge, I decided to throw on a bonus death at the end and attempt the daily challenge in Spelunky HD. It went better. Marginally better.

If this still doesn't sate your appetite for calamity, I'm going to point you in the direction of Tom Francis's YouTube channel. Tom is the designer of Gunpoint and Heat Signature (and a friend), and he's been posting his attempts at the Spelunky 2 daily challenge each day. Many of my friends are doing this and I'm currently spending over an hour each day just watching Spelunky 2 videos. Long may it continue.

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