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Spelunky 2 daily: I strapped an explosive to my back then went to lava world

Fuse meet match

I was worried about being overcautious after yesterday's terrible run, in which I died on the second level. Spoilers: I was not cautious.

This run was going well, despite several close calls, until it suddenly, violently wasn't going at all. In some ways these kinds of deaths are less frustrating than those that come from attritional damage, because they tend to be caused by one enormous mistake instead of several, smaller, more avoidable erorrs. But this is what I'm saying today, and tomorrow a sudden death might cause me to scream with despair.

Currently the daily challenge is the only part of Spelunky 2 I'm playing. I don't do a warmup run beforehand, or continue to play the regular mode once I've consumed the daily. One-and-done. This probably means I will be exceedingly slow to learn and improve, but the ritual of playing just once per day, for however long a life lasts, is part of what I love about the game.

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