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Spelunky 2 daily: My whole life is about this jetpack now

Which is terrifying, honestly

Today's episode of the Spelunky daily includes spoilers for the game's first four worlds. Yes, this is my humble brag way of saying I got to world four on the daily challenge.

Today's apology: I have no recollection of what I said in this episode, because I was too focused on the stress of playing to be conscious of my speech. I regret the moment in which I called the lovely pet pug a "stupid mutt", but in my defence he was being very stupid.

This is a good example for the power of jetpacks. Having it on my back made the game much easier, allowing me to fly over platforming challenges and zoom away from enemies. It also made the run much more stressful. The jetpack is a rare treat, but that means it's precious. It's like being given a Fabergé egg balanced on the end of a spoon.

The most ridiculous moment was when I landed on some spikes and did not die. I must have been a pixel away from impalement? I'm not sure.

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