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Spelunky 2 daily: "That lava's still going to drip sometimes, right?"

October 5th, 2020

Welcome back to the Daily Death, in which I record my attempt at the Spelunky 2 daily challenge, and encourage you to do the same with your own runs. Today: the world's luckiest lava droplet.

Today's apology: sorry for my sniffling throughout. I have chronic rhinitis and it's at its worst first thing in the morning. Also, a shout out to my complete inability to see a locked door at around the 12 minute mark, despite it being on screen at the time.

If you've forgotten, the runs towards the end of last week weren't going so well, with me flailing and dying on world one twice in a row. Today's was better, as I reached midway through world two. That lava, though! I had to swallow a lot of curse words at the end, which you can maybe hear in my stifled, guttural moan.

I did less well in holding back the swears yesterday, but reached even further. I didn't post that video, but if you have an insatiable appetite for Spelunky 2 runs, you can watch it here.

You lovely commenters have continued to share your own runs, for which I'm deeply grateful. From October 2nd, Ben Attenborough did much better than me, sharing this journey deep into the volcanic depths of world two. I'm so enjoying watching people encountering parts of the game for the first time with that mixture of fear and bemusement.

As before, share your runs in the comments below and I'll try to watch and highlight one in tomorrow's post. Happy 'lunking.

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