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Spelunky 2 daily: Well, it could have been worse

Yet more failure

Today's Daily Death is a return to form, if that "form" is steady mediocrity. What I'm saying is, I reach beyond world one, but not much further. I'm much (but not that much) better than this.

Today's apology: I'm sorry for the loud groan I do when I get hit by a snake. At least I said "what the heck" instead of cursing up a storm, eh?

If you want to see what actual skill looks like, reader Vi By Five shared their own video from October 12th in which they reached deep into world six. The video contains parts of the game I've never seen before, so bear in mind there might be some spoilers for you, also.

The Daily Death will return tomorrow, but it may have a slightly different format. Or it may not! Surprises, eh?

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