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Spider-Man, Venom, Scarlet Witch and evil Hulk join Marvel's Midnight Suns

Assorted Avengers will assemble on October 7th

The final heroes and villains of Marvel's Midnight Suns have been revealed at tonight's Summer Game Fest bonanza. Spider-Man and Scarlet Witch will be joining previously announced goodies such as Iron Man, Blade and Captain Marvel, while err... Scarlet Witch, Hulk and Venom will repping the game's big bad demon mother Lilith. Man, if there's one Avenger I wouldn't want going all evil on me, it's Hulk. And Scarlet Witch, to be fair. Why have these heroes joined the dark side in Firaxis' new tactics RPG? Well, we'll be able to find out when the game launches on October 7th. Here's a new trailer to celebrate.

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As you may have already seen from my extensive hands on preview with Marvel's Midnight Suns, Scarlet Witch is at the centre of this new story from Marvel and XCOM makers Firaxis. Her journey from hero to villain (and maybe hero again?) is one of the core plot points you'll be exploring as you manoeuvre your team of supes through this turn-based tactics game.

"Wanda’s story is the story of Midnight Suns," creative director Jake Solomon told me when I went to play the game last week, although the Midnight Suns themselves (headed up here by Blade, Ghost Rider, Wolverine, Nico Minoru and Magik) will obviously still play an important role, too. They're the vanguard of the spookier goings-on in the Marvelverse, and they'll be teaming up with familiar faces from the Avengers to take down the evil Lilith (who was the original baddie in the game's main source material, the 90s comic Midnight Sons: Spirits Of Vengeance).

Marvel's Midnight Suns was first unveiled at Gamescom last August. XCOM and Civilzation studio Firaxis then showed us the first gameplay trailer for it a week later, revealing its card-based battle system and distinct lack of cover options. It's quite the departure for the XCOM makers, but as you'll see from my hands on, it makes for a thrilling change of pace.

Originally dated for a March 2022 release, the game was then delayed to the second half of 2022. Tonight, Marvel's Midnight Suns' new release date was confirmed as October 7th.

To see more of what I thought about the game itself, why not have a watch of my chat with vid bud Liam below? Alternatively, you can plunge head first into my hands on preview, where I describe how Marvel's Midnight Suns lost the race with the MCU, but came out all the better for it.

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