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Stabbo! For Honor's multiplayer beta is go

Ubisoft's multiplayer swordfest For Honour [official site] is in the middle of a big ol' closed beta weekend, so I thought I'd stop by and check in with y'all. I'm not playing myself -- I'm not allowed near swords since a Dark Souls-inspired incident with a broom in the RPS treehouse -- so, er, how's it going? I know Alec enjoyed being a Viqueen in the alpha and I suppose I'm curious how For Honour stacks up against homegrown stabbers like Chivalry. For those not playing, here's a brief infoblast.

So! For Honour will launch on February 14th, with both multiplayer and singleplayer action about vikings and samurai and knights throwing down because reasons. Not "because stabbing is great" but some overly-serious tosh about eternal war and gods and whatever. It's class-based, with multiplayer progression coming through ability and equipment and prettybit unlocks.

This closed beta test started Thursday and ends on Sunday. If you signed up but don't see an invitation, maybe check your spam folder? Or beg a pal for a code? I suppose watching others play is a last resort, and folks are Twitching and YouTubing all over. I can't vouch for anyone, but I do trust that the Ubifolk playing in the official beta launch stream at least didn't scream slurs and obscenities:

Watch on YouTube

Ubisoft also recently confirmed the system requirements, which may be helpful for folks concerned about their PC's sagging muscles. It's a shame that betas have mostly replaced demos, as those of us who don't get it don't get to directly test it on our systems.

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