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How to get a house in Starfield

There's no shortage of ways to become a homeowner in Starfield

An view overlooking a city in Starfield.
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How do you get a house in Starfield? You've traversed across the Settled Systems, and now you just want a place to call your own. Luckily, Starfield has several home options, from a literal sleep crate to a bougie penthouse worthy of royalty. It's worth investing in a home because the game lets you customize and decorate any houses or outposts to suit your unique tastes.

If you've been adventuring through Starfield and are finally ready to settle down, we have everything you need to know to become a first-time homeowner. Our guide to how to get a house in Starfield covers your home options, the buying process, and everything else you need to know to secure a place to stay.

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How do you get a house in Starfield?

You can get a house in Starfield by purchasing it, earning it as a quest reward, or choosing a character trait that grants you one early in the game. There are houses available in the game's major cities, so be sure to check out a few places before you decide to seal the deal.

How to buy a house in Starfield

In most cases, you can buy a home in Starfield by acquiring enough money to purchase it and speaking with the NPC in charge of the property.

Home prices in Starfield range from 6,500 credits to 235,000 credits. On the low end, 6,500 credits will get you Sleepcrate in Neon, which is, in fact, an actual crate that barely fits more than a bed. On the other hand, 235,000 credits nets you Neon's greatest penthouse suite on top of the Astral Lounge. Other purchasable home options include Core Manor (78,000 credits) and The Stretch Apartment (45,000 credits), both in Akila City.

Typically, you can buy a home by talking to the requisite agent or vendor. For example, to purchase the penthouse in Neon, you'll have to talk to Boone behind the bar at the Astral Lounge. To buy either of the homes in Akila City, you'll need to chat with Ngodup Tate, who you'll find near the Core Manor home.

However, if you want to settle in New Atlantis, you'll face a prerequisite for home ownership beyond merely having enough credits to purchase it. To buy a house in New Atlantis, you must complete some missions for the United Colonies faction and become a citizen. Once you do this, you can then speak to the real estate agent at Aphelion Realty, which will then allow you to buy the two-story Well Apartment for 30,000 credits.

You can own multiple homes in Starfield as long as you have the credits to purchase them.

Other ways to get a house

Starfield also gives players a couple of other opportunities to earn houses, too. One of them is a quest reward, while the other requires choosing a specific trait at the character creation screen. If you're looking for a place to live but don't necessarily go through the hassle of buying it, here are your two options.

Mercury Tower Penthouse

If your New Atlantis Well Apartment isn't doing it for you and you don't like your other options, you can earn the fancy Mercury Tower Penthouse as a quest reward. However, you'll have to put some work into this because it's a reward for completing the United Colonies questline, which takes some time. But, it's worth the grind because not only is it the biggest home in Starfield, but it's also totally free.

Starfield Dream Home trait

If you're eager to settle into a home early in the game, Starfield has you covered here as well. You can access it by selecting Dream Home as one of your character traits on the character creation menu. Then, as you play through the game, you will automatically trigger a mission that takes you to your dream home. However, this quest line could end up costing you a pretty penny, so check out our guide to getting a dream home in Starfield, which explains in more detail how to start the Dream Home quest line and locate your slammin' new pad in Nesoi.

Starfield outposts

While they aren't technically homes, you can build outposts nearly anywhere in the galaxy. When you start the game, you can build up to eight different outposts as you traverse the Settled Systems. Outposts can be as simple or as intricate as you'd like. They offer players plenty of customization options, whether you simply want a place to store your belongings or you're hoping show off your creative side with a custom build. Just be sure you settle in places with significant resources, as you'll need them to keep your outpost up and running. Also, be careful and invest in solid defenses, as some outpost locales are prime for attacks from creatures or pirates.

That's everything you need to know to find a home in Starfield. As you play through the game and explore everything its thousand planets have to offer, you may want to check out our guide to the best skills on the Starfield skill tree, our Starfield lockpicking guide, and our overview of the Starfield romance options. We've also got guides for the best mods, best PC settings for performance and a list of console commands and cheats.

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