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Where to sell Survey Data in Starfield

Learn where to sell Survey Data in Starfield

Vlad stands behind a bar and gives the bar table a clean in Starfield.
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Want to know where to sell Survey Data in Starfield? There are over 1000 planets in Starfield, and you can use your trusty scanner to collect survey data for them all. To collect survey data, you must scan all of the plant and animal life on a planet, along with all of the resources that you can mine. Survey data is worth plenty of credits, making it a good way to get rich quick in Starfield, but you'll need to know where to sell it to maximise those profits.

In this guide, we'll explain where to sell survey data in Starfield, including the people that will buy it for the most credits.

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Where to sell Survey Data in Starfield

There are three places to sell Survey Data in Starfield:

  • Vladimir Sall
  • Phil Hill
  • Trade Authority Kiosk

Of the above options, the easiest place to sell Survey Data in Starfield is on the Eye, where you'll find Vladimir Sall. You'll find the Eye in orbit of Jemison, in the Alpha Centauri system.

When you reach the Eye, you'll need to dock your ship to get inside. Then, head over to Vlad and select the "I've got some Survey Data for you" option. This will then open Sall's inventory menu, from which you can hit the "Sell" button to switch to your inventory and offload any completed Survey Data.

However, the other two options can be beneficial in specific scenarios, so we'll break them down below.

Phil Hill

Phil Hill is a member of the LIST - the League of Independent Settlers - and you can sell Survey Data to him for a higher amount of Credits than you'll get from Vlad. You'll find Phil in the city of Cydonia, on Mars.

However, there's one catch: Phil Hill will only buy Survey Data for planets on which people could live. That means you can't just rock up with data on the most radioactive, inhospitable places in the galaxy and expect a cash reward.

See, Phil's job is to help people move to lesser-occupied planets, where they can be truly free from the authorities controlling major spaceports such as New Atlantis.

So, you need to find habitable planets, which means they need to have: a temperate temperature, high levels of Oxygen, an average Magnetosphere, moderate fauna and flora, and safe water.

Trade Authority Kiosk

If you aren't near Vladimir Sall or Phil Hill and need to sell some Survey Data as soon as possible, then head to the nearest spaceport and interact with the Trade Authority Kiosk.

These are basic vendors scattered around the Settled Systems, so expect to find them in major cities and hubs such as Neon, Akila City, the Den, and more.

That wraps up our guide on where to sell Survey Data in Starfield. If you want a cool craft with which to dart between planets, take a look at our list of the best ship designs in Starfield. If building ships isn't your thing, then you can also get your hands on one of Starfield's free ships, or use those hard-earned Credits to pick up one of the best ships in Starfield.

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