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Starfield Starborn: How to get the Starborn Ship and Starborn Armor

Learn how to get the Starborn Ship and Starborn Armor in Starfield

Standing in an alien temple in a Starfield screenshot.
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Looking for the Starborn Ship and Starborn Armor in Starfield? As you collect more Artifacts and unlock powers in Starfield, you'll meet the Starborn. Unlike other characters you meet across the Settled Systems, you can't steal Starborn Ships or Armor, but we know you'll want them. If you're wondering how to get your hands on the Starborn Ship and Starborn Armor, then you're in the right place.

In this guide, we'll explain how to get the Starborn Ship and Starborn Armor in Starfield, and cover the stats for the various versions of both. At the end, we'll also break down what you need to know about the Starborn, including who they are and their role in the story.

Since the Starborn are closely tied to the story, expect spoilers throughout this guide!

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How to get a Starfield Starborn Ship

To get a Starborn Ship in Starfield, you must complete the main quest and start new game plus.

You will find them during your first playthrough, but you cannot steal a Starborn Ship, as the entrance is inaccessible. So, you'll need to wait until you start new game plus, when you'll be rewarded with your own Starborn Ship for your personal fleet.

The Starfield Starborn Ship that you get is called the Starborn Guardian. There are six variants of the Starborn Guardian, with the first unlocking after starting your first new game plus run. It'll then upgrade for each subsequent new game plus run, until you start NG+6 and get the Starborn Guardian VI.

The original Starborn Guardian has the following stats:

  • Reactor: Class A - 22
  • Crew Capacity: 5
  • Jump Distance: 30 LY
  • Shield: 630
  • Sol Lasers: 24
  • Torpedos: 70
  • Hull: 649
  • Cargo Capacity: 950

Various stats will then increase with each upgrade. The Reactor, Crew Capacity, Cargo Capacity, and Jump Distance will remain the same, but the Hull, Shield, Lasers, and Torpedos will all get stronger with each subsequent run. As we mentioned above, this caps at Starborn Guardian VI, which is one of the best ships in Starfield.

How to get Starfield Starborn Armor

Similarly, you'll get the Starfield Starborn Armor set upon starting your first new game plus run.

The first set that you'll get is the Starborn Spacesuit Astra, which has the following stats:

  • Phys Defense: 149
  • Engy Defense: 149
  • EM Defense: 149
  • Thermal Defense: 50
  • Airborne Defense: 50
  • Corrosive Defense: 50
  • Radiation Defense: 50

It'll also get three random perks, which means you're entirely reliant on luck of the draw. This is a Legendary rarity suit, though, so expect them to be pretty good.

With each subsequent NG+ run, you'll then get an upgraded version of the Starfield Starborn Armor. These each have different names, and get roughly +10 to their Phys, Engy, and EM Defense scores. You can find the full list of Starfield Starborn Armor sets below:

  1. Starborn Spacesuit Astra
  2. Starborn Spacesuit Materia
  3. Starborn Spacesuit Locus
  4. Starborn Spacesuit Tenebris
  5. Starborn Spacesuit Solis
  6. Starborn Spacesuit Gravitas
  7. Starborn Spacesuit Bellum
  8. Starborn Spacesuit Tempus
  9. Starborn Spacesuit Avitus
  10. Starborn Spacesuit Venator

The Starborn Spacesuit Venator has Phys, Engy, and EM Defense scores of 246, along with three random perks as you'd expect. The Thermal, Airborne, Corrosive, and Radiation Defense scores do not change.

Who are the Starborn in Starfield?

Expect major spoilers from here, as we break down who the Starborn are in Starfield.

The Starborn are explorers who have used the Unity to enter a new universe. This means they have travelled the multiverse in Starfield. You encounter them early on in Starfield's story, as they confront you during the "All That Money Can Buy" main quest and demand that you deliver the Artifact found in Neon to them.

At the end of Starfield's story, you eventually find your way to and use the Unity. This causes you to travel to a new universe, slightly altered to that of your original Starfield playthrough. Through this process, you become a Starborn, granting you the Starborn Ship and Starborn Armor that we explained above.

That wraps up our guide on the Starfield Starborn. For more, make sure to check out our guides on how to get rich quick in Starfield and how to level up fast in Starfield. If you're preparing for a new run, take a look at our lists of all Starfield traits and all Starfield backgrounds, along with our guide on the best builds in Starfield.

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