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Best Starfield Powers, and how to unlock them all

Here's what all 24 powers in Starfield do

The powers screen in Starfield, with all 24 powers unlocked and named.
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Bethesda Game Studios

What are the best Powers in Starfield? Bethesda's latest open-world RPG might be set in space, but there's always room for a little magic. Magical abilities are present in Starfield, and they're called Powers. And let me tell you, some of them really live up to their name.

Below we've listed all 24 Starfield Powers that you can unlock and use over the course of your playthrough. We'll also go over how to unlock Powers in the first place, and our picks for the best Starfield Powers you can bring to bear against your enemies.

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Starfield Powers list

Here's the full list of all 24 Powers available in Starfield, and their effects and Power costs:

Power Effect Cost Temple
Anti-Gravity Field Creates an area of anti-gravity that also paralyzes enemies caught in it 45 Eta
Create Vacuum Cut the O2 supply of targets in the area for a duration 25 Gamma
Creators' Peace Pacifies all enemies in an area and disarms them for a duration 25 Nu
Earthbound Change the gravity around you to Earth gravity levels for a duration 15 Epsilon
Elemental Pull Blasts inorganic resources in an area around you and pulls them towards you 25 Psi
Alien Reanimation Resurrects a dead alien to fight alongside you for a duration 35 Phi
Eternal Harvest Regrows flora that has been harvested in a large area around you 25 Lambda
Grav Dash Manipulate gravity to propel yourself forward, and briefly increase any damage you inflict 15 Zeta
Gravity Wave Launches a gravity wave in a cone ahead of you that staggers and knocks down enemies 25 Beta
Gravity Well Create an area of dense gravity that pulls in and crushes everything and everyone in it 45 Delta
Inner Demon Force an enemy to confront their inner demons, creating a mirror image of themselves that attacks them 35 Upsilon
Life Forced Drain the life force out of a living being and transfer it to yourself 25 Pi
Moon Form Become as strong as stone, rooting yourself in place and increasing your resistance to all damages greatly 35 Rho
Parallel Self Summon another version of you from an alternate dimension for a duration 45 Sigma
Particle Beam Shoot a beam of pure particle energy that deals high amounts of damage to enemies in front of you 15 Omega
Personal Atmosphere Create a small area of unlimited oxygen around you for a duration 45 Alpha
Phased Time Phase through the normal flow of time and slow down the universe for a duration 45 Mu
Precognition Look into the multiverse and visualize the future actions of actors, conversational and otherwise 35 Iota
Reactive Shield Envelop yourself in a metastable shell of antimatter that reflects projectiles and increases your resistance to attacks 35 Tau
Sense Star Stuff Channel the power to detect all life around you for a duration 15 Chi
Solar Flare Emit an intense burst of solar energy that damages enemies and can set them ablaze 25 Theta
Sunless Space Shoot a ball of ice as cold as space into an area, freezing any living being caught in the blast for a duration 35 Kappa
Supernova Explode with the power of a supernova in an area around you, dealing massive damage 45 Xi
Void Form Warp the light around you, becoming nearly invisible for a duration 45 Omicron

If you want to see which Power is which in the Starfield Powers menu, you can tap the button in the bottom-right corner to show the names of all the Powers on-screen.

How to unlock all Starfield Powers

Standing in an alien temple in a Starfield screenshot.
Image credit: Bethesda Game Studios

You unlock Powers in Starfield by collecting Artifacts. Each time you bring an Artifact back to the Lodge, it unlocks a mission to visit a corresponding Temple for that Artifact. Head to the Temple and complete the minigame inside to unlock a new Power.

How to unlock your first Starfield Power

To unlock your first Power in Starfield, you must complete the main mission "Into The Unknown". This mission is the third mission you receive from Constellation, so it won't take you long to reach this point in your playthrough.

During the "Into The Unknown" mission, you'll be tasked with finding a so-called "Scanner Anomaly". This anomaly turns out to be a temple called Temple Eta. Enter the temple and you'll be transported to a strange star-filled area where you must float through the patches of light that appear.

Touch all the patches of light and you'll unlock the portal in the centre of the room. Float through the portal to exit the temple with the Anti-Gravity Field Power - the first Power you'll obtain in Starfield.

How to unlock more Powers

To unlock more Powers in Starfield, you have to seek out and enter other Temples across the Settled Systems. Once you complete the "Into The Unknown" quest, Vladimir will use the readings from the other four Artifacts that Constellation has previously collected to find the locations of more temples.

After that, new Artifacts will be found at certain moments in the main story of Starfield, and each one you find will unlock the ability to visit another corresponding Temple and gain a new Power.

Here's how to unlock every power in Starfield in order:

Power Temple How to unlock
Anti-Gravity Field Eta Complete "Into The Unknown"
Sense Star Stuff Chi Complete "The Empty Nest"
Personal Atmosphere Alpha Complete "Power From Beyond"
Gravity Wave Beta Complete "Power From Beyond"
Precognition Iota Complete "Power From Beyond"
Grav Dash Zeta Complete "Power From Beyond"
Creators' Peace Nu Complete "All That Money Can Buy"
Solar Flare Theta Complete "Further Into The Unknown"
Reactive Shield Tau Complete "Further Into The Unknown"
Alien Reanimation Phi Complete "No Sudden Moves"
Parallel Self Sigma Complete "Worlds Apart"
Void Form Omicron Complete "Final Glimpses"
Eternal Harvest Lambda Complete "Entangled"
Elemental Pull Psi Complete "Unearthed"
Phased Time Mu Complete "Revelation"
Gravity Well Delta Take from Hunter after "Revelation"
Earthbound Epsilon Take from Hunter after "Revelation"
Create Vacuum Gamma Take from Hunter after "Revelation"
Sunless Space Kappa Take from Hunter after "Revelation"
Inner Demon Upsilon Take from Hunter after "Revelation"
Particle Beam Omega Take from Emissary after "Revelation"
Moon Form Rho Take from Emissary after "Revelation"
Life Forced Pi Take from Emissary after "Revelation"
Supernova Xi Take from Emissary after "Revelation"

What are the best Starfield Powers?

The powers screen in Starfield, with all 24 powers unlocked and named.
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Bethesda Game Studios

In our opinion, the best Starfield Powers are:

Reactive Shield

Reactive Shield is an incredibly useful Power which significantly reduces your damage and automatically reflects projectiles back at your enemies. It's both offence and defence rolled into one easy to use, moderately cheap and spammable ability.

Grav Dash

Mobility is a large part of combat in Starfield, particularly at the higher difficulty levels. Grav Dash is an indispensable Power which allows you to dash towards a particular point in space, making it useful for evasion, escape, aggressive plays, or simple traversal.

Phased Time

Phased Time slows down the world around you, giving you a lot of extra breathing space. Suddenly you have time to turn even the most gruesome battle in your favour by healing up, reloading, repositioning, and lining up a few key headshots.


Precognition's true strength is in seeing the consequences of particular dialogue options, which is very useful during speech challenges that involve persuading or intimidating NPCs to do what you like. Using this Power also highlights enemies' patrol routes, which is very useful for sneaking through an area.


For massive crowd control and area of effect damage, nothing beats Supernova. Just stand in the middle of a room and activate Supernova to reduce the standing population of that room to one. It's satisfying and super effective.

That wraps up this guide on all the best Powers in Starfield and how they work. For more help customising your character, check out our myriad guides on the best Starfield backgrounds, Starfield traits and Starfield skills to try out for your first playthrough. To make the most of your hardware, we've also got guides on enabling cheats, the best PC settings for performance and the best mods.

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