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Street Fighter V Update To Add Guile & First DLC Arena

Flat topper

"Sonic BOOOOM!," cries Guile to his reflection as he runs a comb meticulously through his gravity-defying, Brycreem-smothered flat top. Of all Street Fighter's heroes, there are few as egocentric as US Major Guile. The hair? Check. The shades? Check. The sleeveless shirt and tie combo? Check. The next fighter heading to Street Fighter V [official site]? Check.

He's bopping into SFV with the game's April update, Capcom have confirmed, alongside the first attempt at the promised rage quit punishment system, and the game's first DLC arena: Guile's own Air Force Base stage.

Available to all players later this month, Guile will be free to to try until the introduction of the in-game's real money Zenny currency store later in the year - similar to last month's update that brought wrestler/kickboxer Alex to the fold. He'll also receive his own Trials and Character Story, and Season Pass holders can grab his Battle Costume and Air Force Base stage for free. It'll cost non-season passers 70,000 Fight Money to get their hands on the latter.

So, without further ado, here's Guile in action:

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Up there you might've spotted Guile's V-Skill in action - a stationary projectile named Sonic Blade that'll boost regular Sonic Booms. You may also have noticed his V-Trigger - Solid Puncher - which lets his throw out continuous Sonic Booms at varying speeds. And if you were paying extra special attention, you might have noticed Guile perform his "most devastating attack" - Sonic Hurricane - where he "powers up and hits his opponent with a massive, multi-hit Sonic Boom". Most interestingly, Guile can now enter a new state named "Faultless Move" - a crouching position that lets him keep Sonic Booms charged and ready to deploy while edging forward. I'm sure he can't wait to show you.

Street Fighter V's April update also includes matchmaking improvements, as well as the introduction of the aforementioned rage quit system. Capcom say the update is due "very soon."

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