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Street Fighter V Getting Cinematic Story After Launch

A bit Mortal Kombat-y?

With Street Fighter V [official site] only a few weeks away, Capcom have opened up a bit more about what the man-puncher will offer on the story side of things. Given that Capcom are taking SFV a bit 'games as service', adding new characters and things in updates rather than new editions, it's no surprise that story will come in similar ways. Along with the typical Street Fighting stories, which will be embellished with pretty pictures, it'll have a cinematic story mode--but this will come four months after launch.

Each character will have the typical story introducing their personality, backstory, rivalries, and whatnot as they punch their way through the roster, Capcom explained today. This sounds pretty typical. Those illustrations (like that one ↑ of R. Mika and Zangief being wrestlepals) by Bengus are nice and colourful. This storystuff will be in at launch, as I understand it.

On top of that, though, will come a "cinematic story experience" which sounds more like the lengthy, connected stories Mortal Kombat has been telling recently. Capcom say it "takes players deep into the Street Fighter action and mythology through beautifully rendered cutscenes," and add that "it takes place between the events of Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter III, and fully explains everything that transpired in that electrifying time period." Electrifying! Observe:

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The cinematic story won't be in at launch, mind, coming in a free update in June.

One might mutter that the game is being released incomplete, but I'm not sure where to draw the line here. A cinematic story is not something one would expect of a Street Fighter game, and Capcom's whole plan to keep updating one single version of SFV. Things that usually would've come in new retail releases--new characters, new methods of punching, and so on--will simply be rolled into plain old SFV. Some will simply be free updates, others will need to be unlocked, which can be done either through real money microtransactions or with virtuacash earned by playing.

Anywho! Street Fighter V is due out on February 16th. I'm still a touch surprised Capcom are working on a Linux version.

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