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Stumbling Out Soon: The Walking Dead Out In April

Like that one ankle-biting zombie that can hear and you know is out there, but you don't see until it's molar deep into your favourite tendon (that's the right for me), the Telltale Walking Dead game has just leapt out from the dark. Except: Aha! I was standing behind a window of invisible zombie proof glass, you stupid dead jerk. In this little scenario, the leap is the release month announcement, and the zombie proof glass is the time between them telling us "early April", and the dead-head eventually breaking through the glass and consuming my flesh, that bit being the actual release.

I know very little about the game, partly because I've recoiled in horror from Telltale after Jurassic Park, but also because I prefer to shoot zombies: it's an adventure, and you're a new character in the world (and I hope he's not nearly as stupid as everyone else in that damn comic), and it'll include story-based consequences that require the player to make life and death decisions.

If you'd like to know more, Walking Dead The Game writer and ex-PC Gamer Editor Garry Whitta has more.

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