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Suit up for A-Day, Marvel's Avengers has officially launched

Kamala and co save the day

At last, these cape-wearing champs are assembling themselves for real. After an open beta in August and three days of early play for pre-orderers, Marvel's Avengers is actually, officially launched. You can now suit up as Kamala Khan and co to save the world from M.O.D.O.K's big baddie head.

If you'd lost track amidst the talk about post-launch content and online multiplayer and all, Marvel's Avengers does have a singleplayer campaign. After a disastrous explosion at the shiny new Avengers headquarters, the crew disbands and super folks get outlawed. A few years later, Kamala Khan, known as Ms. Marvel when the suit's on, reassembles the squad to defeat evil corp AIM. You'll beat up the baddies with the crew as you unlock their super abilities turn them into dress up dolls with all the fancy outfits you find.

After you save the world in the main campaign, there are plenty more disasters to avert online, of course. Crystal Dynamics have shown off Hero Missions dedicated to the various squad members which you'll take on alone and Warzone Missions around the world that you can tackle with your pals.

If you manage to get through all that, Crystal Dynamics are planning to continue adding new heroes and regions and all over multiple years. First of the bunch will be Hawkeye. No, not Clint, Kate Bishop actually.

They've already launched the game's first patch as well, a little stability update based on data from those three days of pre-order players jumping in.

Marvel's Avengers is available now on Steam for £50/€60/$60. It's also on the Xbox One, PS4, and Stadia.

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