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Summer brings fireworks and more to Planet Coaster

It's big and it's free

Apparently it’s summer -- it’s always hard to tell up here in Scotland -- which means that it’s time for Planet Coaster’s [official site] third free seasonal expansion. It’s a big one, fattening up the the game with new rides, customisable panels, terrain options and scenery. It’s available now, and you can watch the trailer below.

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Though the trailer makes it seem like an American Independence Day update, it’s a lot broader than that. Along with the Stars and Stripes scenery pack, you’ll be able to gussy up your park with video billboards and construct new rides like the Iron Claw, a 32-person pendulum ride, and the Viper One coaster, a multi-launch, twisted impulse, LIM shuttle coaster, which sounds a wee bit complicated.

Frontier are particularly pleased with Planet Coaster’s new fireworks displays, too.

Fireworks are an explosive new way to customize parks in Planet Coaster’s Summer Update. Celebrate the Fourth of July, New Year, Bonfire Night or any other occasion with the most detailed fireworks simulation ever created for a videogame. Design epic firework displays with the new Display Sequencer, trigger them alongside other park events, and even choreograph them to custom music! Create the ultimate sky-high summer spectacle, or download the most explosive displays from the Planet Coaster community.

Fireworks Simulator might have something to say about that "most detailed" claim.

If sandboxes aren’t your thing, the update also introduces three new scenarios.

Goldmine Tower - Some poor fella bought this mine from a prospector, and took out some big loans to pay for it. Turns out it was a scam. The varmint had salted the mine! Now he’s trying to turn it into a tourist attraction with fireworks and Old West-style streets, but it’s not doing as well as he hoped and he needs your help.
Miss Elly's Diner - Miss Elly's Diner has some great facilities, including a big wooden coaster for a spot of excitement! But its remote location means it doesn’t see many visitors, and its potential isn’t being realised. Can you build on this location and draw in the crowds?
Starship Hanger - They filmed some pretty famous movies out here in the desert. It kind of looks like Mars, don’t it. The place isn’t much in demand any more – it’s all CGI these days – but the company doesn’t want to let it go. They want you to turn it into a theme park instead!

It’s quite a lot for a free update. You can read the large changelog here, if you’ve got the time. It brings with it a slew of bug fixes too. This one is a personal favourite:

Updated vendors' teeth to stop them clipping through their faces

Frontier is also hosting a fireworks competition, and more details will be released by the developer on YouTube at 7PM BST today and on Facebook Live on Friday at 2.30PM. In the meantime, you can send your creations to

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