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Not So Slow: SUPERHOT Hits Kickstarter Stretch Goals


I'm broadly uncomfortable with games that capitalise every letter of their name, because I don't like being compelled to shout. I make an exception for SUPERHOT, the stylish FPS in which time only moves when you do. The original prototype was an inventive, surprising delight, and now its revised and expanded return is nearing the end of its successful Kickstarter. With a little over 24 hours to go, it's even cleared almost all of its stretch goals.

SUPERHOT's developers were asking for $100,000 to make the full game, but they've thus far earned a healthy $231,285. That extra money unlocks four of their five proposed stretch goals, including better animations by hiring a 3D animator, a speedrun mode, a replay mode for watching back your performances, and a New Game+ mode to make it harder after you've completed it. The only stretch goal that hasn't met its target - $300,000, which seems beyond reach at this stage - was a level editor so players could create their own scenarios.

The original SUPERHOT prototype was fifteen minutes of fun desigsned for the 7-Day FPS Jam, the same event that gave us the likes of Receiver. Aside from being re-written from scratch, the expanded game introduces a crisper art style, lots of new scenarios like fighting in slow-motion rain, and the ability to slice bullets apart in mid-flight by using a samurai sword.

If you want to back the game, you've still got twenty-four hours to do so. The lowest tier costs $14 and nets you a Steam key for the completed version of the game upon its release.

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