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Superhot's Virtual Reality Plans "Oh So Much Fun"

SUPER exciting

Superhot [official site] is the uber-stylish, time-manipulating first-person shooter that you might've spotted Adam praising recently. It's out now but developers Superhot Team aren't slowing down, having revealed future plans that include free content updates and the small matter of virtual reality support.

As we now know, by the time the virtual reality hype train finally arrives in our living rooms, bedrooms and garden sheds, it'll cost a bloody fortune. At the moment, there are only a few games that have made me stop and think: yeah, you know what? This might actually be worth all the fuss and, crucially, the outlay. Superhot is for me one of these games.

The thought of getting up close and personal with Matrix-style bullet-time set pieces, smashing my enemies' limbs into a thousand pieces, and using motion controls to incapacitate ne'er do wells with ranged pistol whips in slow-mo excites me. Which is why Superhot Team's latest Kickstarter backer update mentioning "secretive work on a bunch of grand VR plans" also excites me.

"We have more in store for you," they say. "Expect content updates in the future. And since you're all such wonderful people, we'll keep those content updates free of charge... We can't tell you too much, but Superhot in VR is going to be fun, oooh so much fun... :)"

Smiley face, indeed.

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