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Survival game Nightingale delayed until first half of 2023

They're upgrading to Unreal Engine 5

Another game which intended to release in 2022 has posted a JPG to Twitter. This time it's Nightingale, the survival game which was one of our favourite games from not-E3, which has announced a delay until "the first half of 2023."

Here's the tweet with the JPG:

And here's another request for the games industry to write alt text for these images for accessibility reasons.

"We've made the difficult decision to delay Nightingale's Early Access release to the first half of 2023. We'll have more news on specific timing at a later stage," says the statement.

"The move is based on two considerations: The first is an upgrade to Unreal Engine 5. After reviewing the potential UE5 has to offer, we decided on upgrading now rather than waiting until after release," it continues. "Secondly, Inflexion Games is committed to delivering the best possible experience and fulfilling the promise of what Nightingale's universe of realms has to offer players. To achieve that the additional time will allow the team to make key improvements, bolster content and polish gameplay."

Nightingale is an open world PvE survival game in which you can craft "Realm Cards" that let you hop through portals to different worlds, while influencing weather, biomes and the challenges you'll find on the other side. Ed spoke about Nightingale with Inflexion studio lead (and former BioWare chap) Aaron Flynn back in June, with a focus on its larger-than-average story ambitions.

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