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Nah Nah Nah Nah, Really: Telltale's Batman Ep 1 Is Out

Bam! Zok! Pow!

SNIKT! That's the sound of Telltale cutting the ribbon to formally launch the first part of their episodic pants-over-trousers 'em up Batman: The Telltale Series [official site]. THWIP! That's the sound of someone in spandex sitting down in a leather chair to play another adventure story game in the typical Walking Dead-ish, Wolfamongus-y Telltale way. BAMF! That's me.

Telltale's Batman tells an original story in the Batworld, or as original as any story can be when you know Harvey Dent will find a spare face, Batman will feel guilty about wanting to smooch Catwoman, dastardly mobster Carmine Falcone will be usurped by criminals who are far more dangerous, and Jimmy Gordo will be a bit cautious about his newfound ally. Their fates are written in the stars but hey, all of our fates are predestined too and we still get amongst it, don't we?

Telltale have chosen a curious two-protagonist structure, with both Batman and the billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne being playable at different times. Heck, they say that at some points you'll get to choose whether you want to play as Bats or Brucie. What mysterious connection binds this unlikely duo? Fingers crossed we won't need to wait until the very end of the series to find out, as it is such a puzzling decision.

Batman is on Steam and GOG, costing £18.99 for the full five-episode season pass. Only the Windows edition is out today but Telltale say Mac will follow later this week.

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