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The Electronic Wireless show S2 Ep 1: this podcast is definitely not a fraud

Forspoken's direct storage, The Last Of Us TV show, and becoming a cyborg

The Electronic Wireless Show podcast returns in 2023 with a new friend and a new format. We ran out of themes, so we're going to flip to a magazine-ish show, where we discuss some current events as well as the games we've been playing. This week we talk about games on film, with everyone bloody loving The Last Of Us TV show and reports that Lara Croft will be hitting the small screen too. We also discuss the reasons a developer might have to come out and clarify that their game is, in fact, real. Plus: "try cutting off their limbs"; what is Forspoken, and why so graphics?

Fear not, regular listeners: some things have stayed the same. Nate has built a strange tower on top of the Cavern Of Lies, within which we must pass his strange trials, and the episode ends with a check in with Henry Cavill and a new round of recommendations.

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We record on Tuesdays, so it's possible something may have changed with these stories in the meantime, please don't write in.

What We've Been Playing
Nate has been watching last year's Age Of Empires 2 Titans League, hosted by T90, and playing cute little tower defense puzzle game Isle Of Arrows. James has been playing the Dead Space Remake (which is Dead Space, remade) and Inkbound, the new co-op roguelike from the Monster Train devs. I've been playing Forspoken, and am confused by it.

Nate recommends Monsters At Work, a TV show about working in maintenance at Monsters Inc.

James recommends Attitude's nice olive leaf shower gel.

I'm cheating and recommending my book Grave Expectations, out on May 4th in the UK and September in the US, on pre-order now!

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