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The End... ? Walking Dead Ep 5 Rises Next Week

Are you ready to be sad? Probably sadder than you've ever been in your whole, entire life? Do you have a reliable donor lined up for a full-blown tear transfusion? Because Telltale's brilliant The Walking Dead series is headed for its absurdly heavy season finale, and - if previous events are anything to go on - it will probably crush you. Like a pancake. A really, really sad pancake. Like, someone tried to draw a smiley face on it with whipped cream and chocolate chips, but it came out looking like this.

Episode Five's titled "No Time Left," which is among the more final names I've ever heard for a finale. It'll be out on Wednesday November 21st, meaning that US residents can be the death life of their Thanksgiving parties with Telltale's brand of no-holds-barred, all-ages fun. Meanwhile, if you'd like to preemptively get into the proper spirit, may I recommend this (very spoiler-laden) breakdown of the choices other players made in Episode Four? Yes, I think I may. I will give myself permission to do that.

Of course, the big question - aside from, "How can they possibly top [X THING AND Y THING AND WHYYYY THING]" - is what's next. Earlier this year, Telltale pretty unabashedly told me that they'd love to do another season, but nothing was set in stone. Given the fervor surrounding this first batch, though, I would be amazed if the adventure specialists let their Walking Dead series lie.

So, right then. Are you ready? Have you been practicing your best devastated fetal position?

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