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The Nile Council: Rome II Introduces Cleopatra

Cleopatra does what 'any mother would do' in the latest trailer for Total Rome: Two War - builds the impossible, sleeps with the enemy, brings ruin on her people, suckles a wolf (metaphorically), feeds the beast (metaphor again), and kills her sister (not a metaphor). There's no mention of a dalliance with an asp but presumably that particular part of the tale is still to be told. I'd feel rotten if my mum reckoned she'd brought about the end of a dynasty, the fall of a people and the murder of a family member on my behalf, but maybe it's a bit like the time she dropped a birthday cake and reckoned it was my fault because I was being 'giddy and distracting'. Unlikely. I was a solemn and dignified six-year old, and preferred Camus to cake.

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94% of the planet's natural resources have now been used to create trailers for the game so let's hope it's good, eh? I'll be very surprised if it isn't but I would like to see all of the variety shown in the trailers, geographical and factional, having a significant effect on play. I love the first Rome but I want more than a prettier version.

Two of my strongest memories of the original relate to the little things that I'd like to see expanded. After a major battle, the map was marked with an icon and a small description of what had ocurred, the event etched into the world. And then there was the general who always plunged directly into battle, on the frontline, and eventually became known as 'scarface'. Characters and histories that emerge are far more memorable than trees made out of seventy billion polygons.

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