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The Weekspot podcast: The Medium is neither the best nor the worst

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Bloober Team’s latest seemed to split reviewers when the embargo lifted last week. Some hailed it as a game of the year contender, while others claimed it was the drizzling poos. I think the name of the game perfectly sums up my feelings on it.

But, before we turn our attention to The Medium, there’s the little matter of newsy-news. Now, because our knowledge of the stock market stops and ends with things like The Big Short and Billions, we’ve decided to focus on things that we can talk about for longer than 40 seconds. So, Headlines and Hot Takes this week has chatter on what IO Interactive might do when it comes to Hitman 3 DLC, and there’s also some talk on what they said about James Bond in some recent interviews. And, as well as that, we discuss what live service games Warner Bros. might have up their giant, publishing sleeve. Tech Corner obviously leads to us discussing how you can actually bet on wrestling.

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Show and Tell is full of talk on the mediocre game involving all the dead people. The story is there, the puzzles are fine, and the scares are non-existent, but like Alice said in her Medium review, the best thing about the game is the dual-reality system, which works surprisingly well and is reason enough to give it a go if you have Xbox Game Pass. While Colm's been communicating with spirits, Matthew's been checking out medieval XCOM, King Arthur: Knight's Tale. It's early, but he likes what he sees.

We decided to focus on games with playable characters that have psychic abilities for Mystery Steam Reviews this week. Our definition of psychic abilities is both fast and also loose. And we round out the show by opening The Weekspot mailbag to answer your Burning Questions on bad games we liked as kids, maps, and Christmas biscuits.

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