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The Wolf Among Us 2 is coming in 2023, check out the new trailer

The Among Us sequel I never expected to see

Bigby stands smoking a cigarette in an apartment complex courtyard in a The Wolf Among Us 2 screenshot.
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When a new Telltale Games formed in 2019 from the purchased ashes of the fallen studio, one of their first actions was to announce they would make The Wolf Among Us 2. And that was about all they had to say for several years. Now, they've finally opened up, with a new trailer and 20 minutes of devchat. Guess which fictional character the Big Bad Wolf is giving a kicking this time!

Wolfamongus, to refresh your memory, is an adventure game based on Bill Willingham's Fables comic book series. It's the story of 'fictional' characters, mostly from folklore and fairytales, who fled into our reality to escape a civil war. It's a great comic, and the first game is great too (we declared it 2014's best adventure game). It focuses on Bigby, the fabled Big Bad Wolf, who's gone straight and acts as sheriff of the hidden district of New York City where the Fables live (it'd be quite bad if humanity discovered magical beings existed).

The sequel is set six months after the first, with winter now upon NYC and a new case for our hard-boiled sheriff to solve using investigation and violence. For more info, check out this dev chat from yesterday with video game marketing celebrity Geoffrey Keigh:

While the new Telltale is not the old Telltale and many employees had to scatter to other studios after the company closed, they have tried to get people back. Game Informer reported in January reported that almost half of the new Telltale is now old Telltale folks. They've also called in the help of AdHoc Studio for Wolfamongus 2, who were founded by former Telltale folks, including the first game's director, Nick Herman.

It's not yet clear whether this game will carry over anything from the Wolfless spin-off which arrived while Telltale were dead, Among Us. But I'll tell you that Bluebeard is dead sussy.

As well as picking up a project from the old Telltale, the new Telltale are also making a game based on The Expanse, with the help of Life Is Strange: True Colors studio Deck Nine Games. The game stars the show's best character, Camina Drummer, and actor Cara Gee will be voicing her in the game too.

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The Wolf Among Us 2

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