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There Is No Barrier To The Door Kickers Trailer

There's a small part of every ex-PCGer that wants to be Tim Stone. His life must be wonderful: there's a bounty of games made just for him, and his writing toolbox is packed with punnage. He was, and still is, a secret weapon: perfect pages delivered on time. If you want to be a games writer, study his work. He's makes me want to play the games he writes about, even though I rattle off most of them and sprint back to the comfort of my less-complicated shooty things. There are a few crossovers in our tastes, though: I once got hooked on a bus driving sim (and I was half pretending to be a bus driver, and half pretending to be Tim), and top-down tactical SWAT game Door Kickers looks rather splendid, too.

Tim's mentioned the surprisingly hardcore (and cheap)real-time strategy CQC game before, and it's just unleashed a second alpha on us, polishing the tactical levels to unprecedented levels of tacticosity. As detailed in the trailer below, the new version includes "action waypoints", to enable you to plant orders along the path that the character is taking. "Aim points" will enable you to guide the team's angle of attack, and "go codes" for the that ultimate SWAT team moment where everyone acts at the same instant. Such synchronicity is perfect for group photographs and turning nuke launch keys.

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It's my Greenlight lock of the week, and I have 52% accuracy on that.

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