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Thirsty Suitors is about battling your exes and disappointing your parents

Some new family drama published by Annapurna

At tonight's Game Awards, Falcon Age developers Outerloop Games announced Thirsty Suitors, a story-driven RPG about fending off suitors and exes while trying not to disappoint your family. Published by Annapurna Interactive, it looks eccentric and colourful, with battles involve throwing ghostly cars and calling in giant family members to swat your opponents. It also features cooking, skateboarding, and possibly dancing (though I can't quite tell from the trailer if the dancing is separate from the battling).

Thirsty Suitors follows a woman named Jala who seems to have a lot of drama going on. Annoying exes, friendship woes, immigrant parents with high expectations, and a grandma that keeps throwing suitors her way.

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"Our mission at Outerloop Games is to create accessible games about underrepresented cultures," says studio co-founder and game director Chandana Ekanayake. "Thirsty Suitors will give players a glimpse into our teams' personal experiences growing up, which might be vastly different from what players have experienced themselves."

"Players will help Jala to confront her mistakes, make up with her exes, reconcile cultural differences and become the person she was meant to be," a press release says.

Ah, some more family drama to add to Annpurna's collection. It looks good! I like how wildly varied the game seems - a little bit of cooking with the parents, some chill skateboarding and grinding around the city, then some magic turn-based battles.

Outerloop say that Thirsty Suitors is coming soon, though they don't specify a date just yet.

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