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This incredible Mercy cosplay made my heart flutter

Mercy me

Cosplayer Zibartas is someone who will never run out of light. His latest creation is Mercy’s wings from Overwatch. They’re built out of steel and aluminium, glow with the perfect amount of heavenly light, and unfurl like he’s just activated an ultimate. There are very few moments of true beauty in the world at the moment, but I'd argue that seeing these snake out like a visit from an angel is one of them. I'd hug him if it weren't physically impossible.

He popped up on Reddit to show off, and he has every right to do so. Because look:

I finally finished my Mercy Wings! All steel+aluminum build. from r/Overwatch

I'm in awe. He's spent over a year making these, using the first Mercy artwork (where she was originally designed as a male combat medic) as the basis. He's also been recording his process and progress, which involved a lot of sanding, welding, and programming.

Watch on YouTube

After watching that I fell into a rabbit hole of his other builds. If for some unfathomable reason you prefer Overwatch's awful one-punch kill-man to Mercy, he's got you covered. As much as I hate Doomfist, I can't possibly hate the work Zibartas put into making his over-sized fist. It's even more impressive if a tad less timely. Gosh, seeing the segments on the wrist fold out had me scared he was about to launch a slam at me.

Watch on YouTube

I have subscribed to his youtube channel. I'm really looking forward to seeing what he builds in the future.

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