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This War Of Mine Adds New Ending In Birthday Update

War, war sometimes changes

This War of Mine [official site] developers 11 Bit Studios recently announced their next game, Frostpunk, but they weren't quite done with This War. To celebrate the Sims-y survival game's impending birthday (it's Monday), they've launched a new free content update. Expect a new ending, new NPCs, and more as your rag-tag group of civilians try to survive in the warzone. That's a cheery little end to this laff riot of a week.

This War of Mine: Anniversary Edition, as they're calling it, is now live. It brings three new locations, new NPC civilians, a new ending scenario, and (gosh-o!) a new achievement. It also fixes a few bugs, including one that was making Day 42 repeat. War's probably hard enough without Groundhog Daying it.

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One problem: some players have reported problems with scenarios being locked after the update. The developers say they're looking into it.

If you've not got This War of Mine yet, check out Wot Alec Thought of it. Handily, the game is cheap from 11 Bit's own store this weekend. They offer both a Steam key and DRM-free versions. A fair few more games are cheap in their Polish Independence Day celebrations too.

11 Bit have been a bit vague about Frostpunk but it sounds like another moral-o-survive 'em up, this time set in a icy world with steam-powered technology. It's due some time in 2017.

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