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Titanfall 2’s multiplayer is having a free weekend

Rock 'em and sock 'em for $0

Of the big three killshoots that we have seen vying for supremacy in the closing moments of hellyear 2016, Titanfall 2 [official site] has earned our respect the most. It has giant robots and magic boots, everything a growing FPS fan needs. If you didn’t pick it up in the recent silly sale, don’t fret, there’s still a chance to see if it’s worth the full price, because its multiplayer side will be free to try this weekend.

The free trial starts on Friday December 2 and runs until Sunday December 4 – you can download it through EA’s rubbish Origin platform. Like I say, this is only the multiplayer portion of the game. There’s no singleplayer campaign to have a crack at. This is likely a very deliberate decision by EA, since the campaign, while very good, is only about 5 hours long. Which means you’d definitely have enough time to polish it off in a weekend while procrastinating about Christmas shopping. Unsurprisingly, the publisher wouldn’t want that.

The trial is going to include the new upcoming map though, a remaking of the first game’s Angel City map, as well as all the other bits and bobs from the DLC. But that only gets added into the mix on Saturday (for most people anyway – pre-order scabs get it sooner). The developers also note that, if you do decide to buy, any progress you’ve made with your online profile gets carried over.

If you want to know wot we reckoned, Adam thought it was quite brill in our Titanfall 2 review. But now you’ll get to see for yourself.

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