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This Kaleidoscope World: Torment - Tides Of Numenera

The environments of Torment

You can't swing a dead (giant) rat without hitting a big ol' RPG these days. In the last couple of months, we've had the party-based pleasures of Pillars of Eternity and the bold, handsome excess of The Witcher 3. Divinity: Original Sin is flexing its systemic muscle for another bout and there are plenty of other attractions waiting in the wings.

Despite all that competition, Torment: Tides of Numenera [official site] could be one of the most intriguing RPGs in years. The spiritual sequel to Planescape: Torment promises to outweird the rest of the pack, if nothing else, and the new video below shows the range of environments that will be on show. It's like watching a showreel of five or six RPGs crammed together - sci-fi and horror cheek-to-cheek with swords and sorcery.

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There's a creepy metal egg-pod-vessel, a tiara, what I'm going to say are square bubbles floating around in a lab, a giant exploding external organ, teleporters, a frickin' spaceship/orbital carrier/void-tripper, and a whole bunch of other assorted splendour.

I want to go there, even if it did remind me of I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream for a moment back there. Torment is still a long way off though, with release expected toward the end of the year.

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