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Total War: Rome 2 Patches Fix Bugs, Add Steam Workshop

Total Patch: Rome 2

When Total War: Rome 2 entered the gladiatorial arena of Adam's Wot I Think, he found it easy to love, but knocked it to its knees for its crashes, bugs and AI idiosyncrasies. A portion of the audience have been calling for its thumbs-down slaughter ever since.

Creative Assembly have spent the time since release putting the game through a series of training montages, so that it might rise and fight again. Last Friday's update combined dozens of new tweaks and fixes with a new faction and Steam Workshop support.

The full patch notes are full of lovely singsong phrases, like:

Fixed satrapies not recognising that they no longer have an overlord in some cases when they cease to be a satrapy.

Friday's Update 5 added the Seleucid Empire faction to the mix for single and multiplayer. I'm imagining them as angry architects with elephant familiars, because why not.

It also brought Steam Workshop support and an in-game mod manager, which means that Rome 2 can now join its fellow Total War games as a platform for things like this.

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