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Total War - Warhammer Introduces Noble Cat-Birds

We're probably not going to be covering all of these individually, but here's the first of Sega and Creative Assembly's unit-specific videos for the upcoming Total War: Hammer Time [official site]. Whether we post every single video or not, one thing's for sure - if there's a night goblin fanatic video at any point, I'll be posting it several times.

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If you choose to, you can easily interpret the narration as suggesting that Creative Assembly have been studying actual demigryphs to perfect the animation but I think they've actually been watching lots of cat gifs.

Pip has been learning about the units that will be in the game, particularly those in the Greenskin and Imperial factions. The demigrpyhs belong to the latter and they're not the most unusual unit in the armies of the Empire. That might just be the Luminark of Hysh.

It’s got two Empire wizards on it and something called a bound spell. They’ve locked this spell into this machine that some mages have poured all their power into, called Solheim’s bolt. On command they can wind that up and just fire this ray. It can take down a Giant in one hit. It’s a slow firing beast but pretty powerful, mainly for taking out larger units. If you use it against a group the laser’s so thin it’s not going to take out much, but against a bigger unit…

There's a more pressing matter though. Did Games Workshop tell Creative Assembly that the Warhammer Fantasy world would be dead before Total War: Warhammer was released? It seems unlikely that the game has been planned as a eulogy of sorts but that would be a beautiful thing. I hadn't even realised that the new Age of Sigma heralded the end of the traditional Warhammer Fantasy setting until last week, when I decided to look at some miniatures and fell into some serious lore perusal. It's kind of neat to think of this new Total War as a chronicle of a dead fictional world.

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