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Zim Zam Zoom: TrackMania Turbo Released

Wacky races

Oh what a feeling! When we're driving on the ceiling. They're special things, the TrackMania games, combining simple time trial millisecond-shaving checkpoint zoomcars with ludicrous tracks crammed full of loops, jumps, corkscrews, and bright colours - with a great editor for players to make their own. The fun continues today with the release of TrackMania Turbo [official site], out now. It's due to have a demo, and Ubi say it's already out, but it doesn't seem to be here just yet. Maybe later tonight?

TrackMania, to be clear, is about ghost cars. While other cars will appear on the track with you, you can't collide with each other - you're purely racing the track. Which I like, especially as it means servers can be real busy with dozens of cars whizzing around.

While the last TrackMania, TM2 (which of course wasn't the second TrackMania - video game naming!), split its different environments and car types into separate games, Turbo has four all in one package. But I do see some folks complaining about Turbo removing player-hosted dedicated servers, which are certainly a loss. Beyond that, I haven't had the chance to play yet so I can't say much about Turbo.

TrackMania Turbo is £29.99/$39.99/€39.99 on Steam and Ubi's store and whatnot. Uplay required, obvs. If you're reading this a while after I posted this, hey, check the 'free games' section of the Uplay client. Ubi's store page say a demo is there, though it isn't yet. Someone from Nadeo said earlier today that it should arrive "soon."

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