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Goggs On: Trackmania Turbo Adds VR Support

Get your goggs on

There is no game I want to try in VR more than Trackmania Turbo [official site]. Nadeo's loop-de-looping, barrelrolling, wallrunning, ultraboosting time trial racer this week added support for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive cybergoggles, and I want in. I want to whip round gravity-defying tracks, fling myself from huge ramps, roll, spin, crash, then fall to my hands and knees vomiting. This isn't me ragging on VR; I genuinely want to become ill from carhorror. Sadly, those spoilsports have designed a few clever camera tricks to reduce the chances of that. Booo. Boo to you.

The VR update brings forty tracks made specially for cybergoggs, rather than going on the regular tracks. A VR-enabled demo is out too.

As Destructoid explain, the camera is tweaked for goggs. The camera mostly floats behind the car, not glued to it but perhaps slightly tethered, trying to keep it relatively centred and smooth. Some track sections will put you in a few first-person cockpit view, mostly the fancy bits like loops and wallrunning sections.

Destructoid say it didn't give them the queasies and our Alec has told me similar, though some of the loopy bits were a bit rough on him. I believe he'll be telling y'all more about it and other gogg games soon.

That's not what I want. I do want it to give me the screaming queasies. I want the real experience of driving along walls into loops in a turbocar at 200mph before launching into the skies. It should make my guts want to die. We shouldn't deny ourselves this experience! If I ever get to play this, maybe I'll ask people to whip and spin me round in a wheely chair. Over some plastic sheeting.

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