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Trash up your American Truck Sim cabin with burgers and coffee cups

Feels like home.

Say what you want about the drivers in American Truck Simulator, but they're sparkling housekeepers. Sitting up there in their spotless truck cabs, with nary a crisp packet to betray the long hours spent at the wheel. It's all a bit sterile, really. Thankfully, this week's Cabin Accessories pack lets you vandalise the place with tacky nick-nacks and discarded meal deals, making your home on the road feel a little less sterile.

Available on Steam for £2.89/€3.99/$3.99, the Cabin Accessories pack lets you dress up your cab with over 100 pieces of assorted tools, decoration, and flat-out trash. After all, if you're staring out the same window for hours on end, you may as well enjoy the view.

SCS Sofware's truck sims have always been painstaking about the logistics of trucking, but this pack is a welcome step towards characterising the person behind the wheel. There are toolkits and spare batteries for the hardware-minded, branded baseball caps and flags for the tourist, and warm blankets to keep you snug on those long midnight hauls.

Delightfully, there's also a minimart's worth of food and drink to leave lying around the cab - from water bottles and six-packs of booze that I dearly hope aren't being drunk on the road, to boxes of off-brand fruit loops and stacks of gas station burgers.

I kind of absolutely adore that the pack contains all this junk, too. While I personally prefer massive internet spaceships to eighteen-wheelers, the cockpit doodads in games like Elite: Dangerous tend to feel a little boring with only the odd bobblehead or string of Christmas lights to make the space feel homely. If I'm jetting off to the galactic rim, I want my ship absolutely honking with half-finished instant ramen boxes and a dozen stained coffee mugs.

Sure, maybe you can't trick out your trucks to look like Japan's outrageously stylish dekotora rigs. But if it makes my digital cab look a bit more like my actual mess of a desk, I reckon that's a win.

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