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Treyarch are working on a fix for Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4's emote peeking

No peeking

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 may have its differences from its many predecessors, most notably its inclusion of Battle Royale mode Blackout, but it’s still a first-person shooter at its core. Except, players have been using emotes to activate a third-person view, giving them a good look around them and potentially an advantage over their opponents. Treyarch say they’re already working on a fix.

In a Reddit post, the developers say that they’re “aware that players have been able to use gestures (often referred to by the community as “emotes”) to peek around corners in modes where that can create an unfair advantage.” They specifically say that those modes include Blackout, which also seems to be where most of the community’s concern has been focused.

A third-person view in a battle royale does allow players to see a lot more, potentially spotting opponents who should be behind cover, or conversely letting them be more confident that the way forward is clear. Treyarch’s solution is to add a “competitive version” of gestures that “disables free look and applies different camera settings to prevent using it to see around corners.”

This’ll be used “in modes where a more restrictive camera system is needed,” including but not necessarily limited to “the staging area of Blackout.” Elsewhere, you’ll be able to view your own gestures using free cam as intended. “We want players to always have fun,” Treyarch writes, “but never at the expense of fair gameplay!”

The post also includes details of updates that have already hit the game, including bug fixes, framerate cap increases, and easter eggs added in Zombies modes.

Cod Blops 4 is available via for £50, or £80 including the season pass.

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