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Ubisoft accidentally breaks The Division 2 while trying to update it

The game is currently in unscheduled maintenance

A soldier stares up at the burning capitol building in The Division 2
Image credit: Ubisoft

The Division 2 has enjoyed a long life since its 2019 release, but it seems like the looter shooter has finally tripped. Just last week, Ubisoft delayed the game’s imminent Season 11 launch due to localisation issues that had been “impacting the experience for many players.” But in the process of fixing that issue, Ubisoft had accidentally “brought down the build generation system,” meaning that no updates were possible until the system was rebuilt. At least they’re being honest.

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This isn’t the first instance of a delayed season in The Division 2. When this has happened in the past, the team simply extended activities from the previous season, but Ubisoft say “this is not possible” in a tweet from yesterday. The tweet continues to read, “we are unable to make server or client side updates until the build generation system is restored.”

The Division 2 is currently in unscheduled maintenance with the patch notes claiming to fix several crashes and other bugs. So, it seems like Ubisoft worked fast to restore their build systems? We’ll see if this patch clears the murky waters. Either way, it’s not yet clear if The Division 2 will continue its tenth season, or if it’ll just sit in a no man’s land until Season 11 is ready.

Regardless, I kinda feel bad for the poor dev who accidentally turned a localisation fix into a development halting issue. Fans in online forums have found humour in the situation, and I guess Ubisoft’s admission is funny. It's like watching a well-meaning child help with chores, only to break whatever they touch and admit it through a mumble. There's a meme in here somewhere, right?

This probably isn’t the best timing for the shooter-MMO hybrid, since it only hit Steam last month. I only played a little bit of The Division 2, and just like Brendan, I was in awe of its tense, survival-focused Dark Zone. You can pick up The Division 2 (and hope it gets fixed) on Steam for £26/€30/$30.

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