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Use 'brain' with 'ears' in our adventure game music quiz

Point and click your fingers

Can you tell your Monkey Island from your Broken Sword? I hope so, or you're going to waste a stupid amount of time trying to get George Stobbart to insult sword fight with Nico. If you pass this very low bar for adventure game knowledge you should probably take a swing at our new adventure game music quiz.

Online quizzes are booming during this age of lockdown. I've enjoyed the National Theatre's efforts, but mainly because it offers a tantalising peek at Helen Mirren's handsome wardrobe. Afraid there's no such glimpses of the Castle household in this week's music quiz. It'd all just be empty Maoam wrappers, anyway.

If you missed our PC classics or RPG music quiz it's all very simple. You'll hear 15 second snippets from 20 different adventure games and you have to identify them. I can't believe I'm explaining quizzes to you, the smartest readers on the internet. To avoid accusations of trickery, in this week's quiz I've limited it to one game per series. I'm also happy to give half points if you get the series, but not the specific game.

The quiz covers about 30 years of adventure games, so brings us from traditional point-and-click fare to the more modern takes on the genre. I imagine some people might scoff at a few inclusions, but as the unfriendly man who hosts our local pub quiz says "the quizmaster's decision is final". If you are looking for a quick genre refresher, why not check out John's list of the best adventure games. And very best of luck to you.

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