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Vampire survival game V Rising sinks its teeth into a full-blooded 1.0 release this May

Release date emerges into the light after two years in early access

Two vampires prepare to do battle, armed with a sword, daggers and fire, in V Rising's 1.0 launch trailer
Image credit: Stunlock Studio

After two years slumbering in the coffin of early access, vampire survival game V Rising is lifting off the lid and rising into a full 1.0 release. Having previously been announced with a somewhat vague Q2 launch window, we now know exactly when V Rising’s 1.0 release date will be: May 8th.

V Rising has managed to get plenty of blood pumping over its early access run, charming us mere mortals with its well-dressed, smooth-talking combination of survival staples, a gripping harvesting ‘n’ crafting loop, and steady progression advanced by taking down ever more powerful bosses, Valheim-style, in pleasing ability-based combat.

V Rising 1.0 will make changes to the game’s endgame PvP, swapping players’ buff-providing castle buildings - Shards - for wearable buff-granting necklaces that other players might try their chances at stealing by putting a stake through you. The helpful effects of those necklaces will also wear down over time, like a battery-operated watch, before needing to be recharged in an incoming frosty new area.

Other changes will rework armour and weapons with a new top tier of gear to pursue, along with greater specialisation across the game’s brute, warrior, rogue and scholar classes at every level of equipment. There’ll be the option to impress your would-be allies and foes by altering the colour of your clothes, too, which should look nicer thanks to some underlying improvements to V Rising’s engine, resulting in better lighting and smoother performance.

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Developers Stunlock have promised that 1.0 won’t be the end of the road for V Rising, saying: “We want you to understand that ‘complete’ does not mean ending the game’s development. Our journey with V Rising continues as long as our players keep returning, hungry for more.”

Given how popular it’s been to date during early access, expect that hunger to sustain for a good while. With 1.0 about to hit, now’s not a bad time to try your first bite if you’re new, too.

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