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Video: Two creepy yarn beasts are better than one in Unravel 2

Red thread redemption

The existence of Unravel 2 was a pleasant surprise at an EA showcase depressingly short of them. Even better, you can play the game right now. Er, if you don’t mind using Origin. I adored Unravel’s physics-based platforming, even if the horned, red figure of Yarny himself is clearly demonic in nature. It’s those dead eyes. Brrr. Making the sequel twice as unsettling is the arrival of a second yarn monster, who adds a dose of co-op puzzling. I bet they team up for a dark ritual at some point, too. But not in the opening 18 minutes, which I present for you here in video form.

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In the time since I recorded this footage the game’s director, Martin Sahlin, has revealed that the characters are called Red and Blue. Which means Yarny wasn’t called Yarny to begin with, which is a pretty big twist for those of us who like to dive deep into Unravel lore. Next he’ll be telling us he isn’t made of thread, but strawberry laces.

During his presentation, Sahlin talked about making the game more action heavy, showcasing a scene where Red and Blue are chased by a grouse. Which I think is an E3 first? I’m intrigued to see if a faster Unravel equals a dumber Unravel. I recall some puzzles getting quite tough in the first game, especially where hidden areas were concerned; it would be a shame to oversimplify here. I’ll hopefully enlist someone to play a later level for a proper co-op video later in the week.

For now, however, you can play Unravel 2 for yourself by buying it from on Origin, priced at £18. If you are an Origin Access subscriber you can try a trial of the game, too. And, as always, please consider subscribing to the RPS YouTube channel. It’ll bond us for life, like two sinister knitted toys.

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