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Video - Yakuza: Like A Dragon chapter 2 has both a graveyard AND a dungeon

LollaYakuza #02: Bloody Reunion

I don't think I fully appreciated how long Yakuza: Like A Dragon was going to be when I started this let's play series.

Still, the sincerity and scenery-chewing of its characters will get me through this mammoth task quite easily, I think. It'll have to, because we're still very much in cutscene city at the moment.

This is LollaYakuza #02: Bloody Reunion.

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The end of last week's episode was pretty dramatic: our new protagonist Ichiban Kasuga has been asked to do time for a murder he didn't commit. It didn't take much to talk him into it, either. So, episode two of LollaYakuza begins by seeing what prison life is like in Yakuza: Like A Dragon.

If you're new here, LollaYakuza is a pretty relaxed, weekly let's play series, where I'll be playing through Yakuza: Like A Dragon. It's a little bit more Let's Watch than Let's Play currently, but you do get to have a decent look at the new RPG combat in this episode.

If you want more Yakuza goodness in your life, have a read of Ed's Yakuza: Like A Dragon review. He says that "this really isn’t a game you should miss out on," and I couldn't agree more. I know I'm still very much in the early stages, but this is a pretty special entry so far.

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