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Vlambeer's Nuclear Throne Sits Atop Steam Early Access

I am the fishman, I am the walrus

Vlambeer's latest game, Nuclear Throne (aka, the artist formerly known as Wasteland Kings), is quite the thing. I know, for I have played it with mine own two hands, 227 eyelashes, and eight hearts. It's a crunchy fusion of hard-hitting arcade sensibilities from games like Super Crate Box and roguelike-like elements from, well, pretty much every indie game that gets announced these days. Also Rogue. Basically, think Binding of Isaac but with ten times the mobility and impact, and you'll be onto something. Nuclear Throne is also onto something - namely, Steam Early Access. Well, on it, anyway. I guess the "to" isn't really necessary here. Whatever. I'm a linguistic rebel maverick with nothing to lose. I defy you to go below for details. I DEFY YOU.

(Skip to around 33:30 for gameplay.)

Nuclear Throne already looks solid, but the development process (which Vlambeer is streaming every Tuesday and Thursday) will yield a much greater whole. That, among other things, means a new build every week, which is an exciting prospect for a game so rich in randomized opportunities and Vlambeer-themed secrets. And of course, player feedback could alter the game's course, though the foundation's already more or less nailed down.

At this point, there are four worlds, seven characters (including a days-away-from-retirement fish cop), two bossfights, and 83 quadrillion weapons. In the future, there will apparently be more: more characters, more skills, more items, more planets, more dimensions. Oh, and, er, the Nuclear Throne itself.

For now, it's $12.99 to jump in, which is the sort of price that should tempt you with a forked tongue and promises of wanton rampage. I definitely plan on giving the Early Access version a go. How about you fine folks? May as well have something to suck you in and never, ever, ever, ever let go over the weekend, right?

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