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Warframe builds a battleship in the incoming Rising Tides update

Ship happens

Empyrean will add space battles to third-person slice 'em up Warframe. We've known that for good while now. But where do a rag-tag band of high-concept fashion ninjas get their hands on a massive spaceship anyway? Incoming free update Rising Tides answers that question, preparing for the galactic warfare to come by setting loot-hungry players loose across the solar system in a stellar smash n' grab for starship parts.

You'll need it, too. Those green lads you've been chopping up in corridors across the galaxy will bring an armada to a knife-fight when Empyrean drops. When that is, mind, is anyone's guess?

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Of course, you've gotta find somewhere to put the Railjack, the old war battleship you'll be using to fight off a Grineer invasion fleet in Empyrean. First, you'll need a Dry Dock - a combination workshop space and warship garage that'll become your new home in Rising Tide. Once Empyrean rolls in, the Dry Dock will become a new hub for loading out the Railjack and setting off on those wild co-op space adventures.

Putting together the Dry Dock and Railjack is a clan effort, though Digital Extremes stress that a "clan of one" will suffice. You'll have to travel across the Origin system to loot "Ancient Artifacts", discarded spaceship parts that'll be used to build the Railjack. Grabbing parts for the Railjack doesn't stop at completion, either - once Empyrean launches, you'll be hunting down more of these Artifacts to customise your ship.

The Railjack isn't the only ship in town, either. Beyond adding new weapons, armour and cosmetics, Rising Tides brings a few changes to your personal craft, improving the lighting and brightening things up with a nifty "moonroof". Better open-space views? That'll improve the resale value, that.

Rising Tides doesn't have a release date beyond "soon" right now, but it also won't have a price tag. Likewise, Warframe itself is free to play on Steam. Like, right now.

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