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Warframe Garuda - Garuda's abilities, how to make Garuda frame

The Fortuna update for Warframe came with a host of new features and a second open world to explore. Also included at the same time, but not intrinsically linked, is the 37th Warframe: "Garuda". Named after the legendary bird-like creature in various mythologies, it is described as a "kite-like figure" that serves as a mount of the Hindu god Vishnu or a dharma-protector/Astasena in Buddhism, and an important figure in Jain mythology. The similarities end with its name however, so this guide will tell you how to make the Garuda frame, as well as detail Garuda's abilities.

Warframe Garuda guide

If you're starting out in Warframe, you may wish to consult our Warframe guide hub for more information on how to get started with the game. You can also head over to our Warframe Fortuna guide if you're looking for instructions on how to get into the new open world area.

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How to make the Garuda frame

First things first, you'll need the blueprints for each of the components. You'll get the main blueprint once you've completed the Vox Solaris quest. Each of the blueprints are available as drops in Orb Vallis bounties, of which you can find the odds and locations below:

  • Chassis Blueprint - Stage 2 (7.52% chance) or Stage 3 (30.56% chance), both at Level 5-15.
  • Neuroptics Blueprint - Stage 2 & 3 (12.50% chance) or Stage 4 (25% chance), all at Level 20-40.
  • Systems Blueprint - (Stage 2 (7.41% chance) or Stage 3 (22.22% chance), both at Level 10-30.

Once you've acquired the blueprints, you'll then need to farm the necessary materials to make the parts. This table below describes all the necessary parts you need to make the Garuda frame:

Revenant partMaterial costTime to make & rush cost.
Blueprint25,000x credits 1x Neuroptics 1x Chassis 1x Systems 3500 KuvaTime taken: 72 hours Rush cost: 50 Platinum
Neuroptics15,000x credits 2x Vega Toroid 6x Star Amarast 40x Axidrol Alloy 5000x Nano SporesTime taken: 12 hours Rush cost: 25 Platinum
Chassis15,000x credits 2x Calda Toroid 3x Radiant Zodian 40x Travocyte Alloy 2200x Alloy PlateTime taken: 12 hours Rush cost: 25 Platinum
Systems15000x credits 2x Sola Toroid 3x Marquise Thyst 40x Vernerdo Alloy 2400x Polymer BundleTime taken: 12 hours Rush cost: 25 Platinum

Garuda abilities

With the new frame comes a whole host of new abilities to use. It seems to specialise in inflicting damage on itself while using enemy blood to restore health:

  • Dread Mirror: Rip the life force from an enemy and use it as a shield that captures damage. Charge to channel the captured damage into an explosive projectile.
  • Blood Altar: Impale an enemy on an altar of talons and siphon health for Garuda and her allies.
  • Bloodletting: Garuda sacrifices her health to generate energy.
  • Seeking Talons: Charge to expand the targeting area, release to send Garuda’s talons careening toward each target in area. Surviving enemies are prone to bleeding.

Its first ability grabs an enemy and rips them into a husk, before draining their blood to act as a shield that deflects incoming fire from in front of you. This shield can be thrown at enemies to inflict damage.

It can also consume half its total health to cover itself in blood to get extra energy for its other abilities and boost damage. Garuda's other ability produces a massive spike that impales foes to drain health to restore the condition of those standing near it. Its ultimate ability turns the warframe into a whirling dervish of blades to slice enemies into tiny chunks.

As the update is distributed out to the wider world, we will be looking more in-depth at the stats for the armour, as well as the quest that you need to complete in order to get the main blueprint. In the meantime, those who want to know more about the previous open-world can do so in our Warframe Plains of Eidolon guide. Alternatively, there's also information about the various frames that you can check out in our Warframe frames and mods guide.

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