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Warmer War: Company Of Heroes 2 - Western Front Armies

Multiplayer expandalone trailers

I spent most of the weekend playing Wolfenstein: The New Sequel, which left me anticipating a robotic dog assault for the first thirty seconds of the Oberkommando trailer for Company of Heroes 2 multiplayer expandalone The Western Front Armies. I'm half-convinced that there's a zombie-robot soldier actually called the Oberkommando in Wolfenstein. Of course, Company of Heroes 2 has a more serious warface than Wolfenstein, even if the two trailers below (one for the US, one for the Oberkommando) do look like they've been plucked from a high octane shooter rather than an RTS.

The Americans inevitably end their trailer whooping as death rains from above.

The Oberkommando inevitably end their trailer trundling through a hell of fire and ash. They do not whoop.

I enjoyed Company of Heroes 2 but it didn't stake a place in my life in the way that the first game did. A strong injection of multiplayer content might be the way to bring people back on board but I'd like to have seen the Eastern Front explored a little more, or an entirely new corner of the war, rather than a return to familiar fields. I guess it makes sense to go where the money is though and the official page for the expansion describes the Western Front as a "popular theatre of combat". It sure was.

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